ProjectWise Explorer Help

Searching the Dependencies Tab for Documents and Models

You can use the Search tab in the Dependency Viewer tab to search for documents and models in the Dependencies tab. Searches will search the blocks in the current document dependency map based on the specified search criteria. You can either use the search fields on the Search tab, or you can click the Advanced Search button on the Search tab to define an advanced document search using the Define Search dialog.

Note: A document can still be found, even if you have hidden the corresponding block from display in the Block Filter section of the Block Filters tab.
Note: A document will not be found, if the corresponding block’s dependency object type is disabled in the Dependencies section of the Block Filters tab.
Note: Blocks in document dependency maps do not have statuses, therefore the Status field is disabled (and set to <All>) on the Search tab, when searching the Dependencies tab. (Statuses can only be applied to blocks in custom dependency maps.)
Tip: Selecting a document in the Search Results list highlights the corresponding block in the dependency map, and has the same effect as selecting the block directly in the dependency map.