ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Search the Dependencies Tab for Documents or Models, Based on the Document's or Model's Description

  1. Select a master document in the document list, then select the Dependency Viewer tab.

    The document’s dependency map displays on the Dependencies tab. If the selected document’s dependency map does not automatically display, it may be that the Lock icon on the Dependency Viewer toolbar is locked. If so, simply click the Refresh icon on the Dependency Viewer.

  2. Open and dock the Search tab.
  3. In the Search for field, enter the description of the document or model you are searching for.

    You can enter the full description or part of the description. Wildcards are not supported here.

  4. In the Search in field, select Content.

    This sets the search to search the Content field of all the blocks in the dependency map. In document dependency maps, the Content field of a block’s Properties tab is where the corresponding document’s or model’s description displays, if it has one.

  5. (Optional) Turn on Find whole word only.

    If on, partial word matches to descriptions in the Content field will not be not found. However, partial string matches that include only whole words, will be found.

  6. (Optional) Turn on Match case.

    If on, then the letter casing of the text entered in the Search for field must match the letter casing of the Content field text, in order for the search to produce a result.

  7. Click Search.

    The blocks in the dependency map that match the search criteria are displayed in the Search Results list of the Search tab.