ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Search the Dependencies Tab for Documents, Using an Advanced Document Search

  1. Select a master document in the document list, then select the Dependency Viewer tab.

    The document’s dependency map displays on the Dependencies tab. If the selected document’s dependency map does not automatically display, it may be that the Lock icon on the Dependency Viewer toolbar is locked. If so, simply click the Refresh icon on the Dependency Viewer.

  2. Open and dock the Search tab.

  3. Click the Advanced Search icon next to the Search button.

    The Define Search dialog opens. See the ProjectWise Explorer help for details about using this dialog.

  4. Add your search criteria to the dialog and click OK to run the search.

    The blocks in the dependency map that match the search criteria are displayed in the Search Results list of the Search tab.

    Note: You can also use this dialog to create a saved search, or to open an existing saved search to run against the current dependency map.