ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Move Documents Using Drag and Drop

  1. Select one or more documents.
  2. Drag the selected documents to the target folder, press the <Shift> key, then release your mouse button.

    This turns drag and drop from a copy operation into a move operation. You will see the "+" symbol (which indicates a copy operation) disappear when you press the <Shift> key.

  3. Do one of the following:

    If the target folder does not already contain documents having the same document or file name as those being moved, then the selected documents are automatically moved to the selected folder.


    If the target folder already contains one or more documents having the same document or file name as those being moved, either ProjectWise will resolve the conflict for you, or you will be prompted to resolve the conflict yourself. See Resolving Document Creation Conflicts.

    Note: If the datasource is configured to allow documents with versions to be moved, you can either select just the active version, or you can select the active version and all its non-active versions. If you select a document and all its versions, then they are all moved as soon as you drag and drop them to the target folder. If you only select the active version, an information window opens informing you that you have selected to move a document that has versions, and that if you proceed, the selected document and all of its non-selected versions will be moved.