ProjectWise Explorer Help

Resolving Document Creation Conflicts

Document names and file names must be unique within a folder. If you attempt to copy or move a document into a folder that already contains a document having the same document name and/or file name, ProjectWise will either:

  • (default) prompt you to resolve the conflict yourself, or
  • automatically resolve the document creation conflict for you, using the current document creation conflict settings

You can configure how you want document creation conflicts to be handled by going to your user settings (Tools > Options > User Properties dialog > Settings tab > Document Creation Conflicts category) and adjusting the settings there as needed.

By default, ProjectWise will prompt you whenever there is a document creation conflict, and present you with the default option, which is to skip (do not copy or move) the document in conflict. At that time, you can either accept the default option to skip the document in conflict, or you can select to create a new document or create a new version.

In your user settings, you may want to change the default option you are presented with when a document creation conflict occurs. Or, you can change it so that ProjectWise automatically resolves the document creation conflict for you, either by skipping the document, creating a new document, or creating a new version.

The following procedures assume that your user settings are configured so that you will be prompted to resolve the conflict yourself.