ProjectWise Explorer Help

Moving Documents

You can move documents by:

  • dragging documents to another folder or work area, with the <Shift> key pressed
  • using Document > Cut (<Ctrl+X>) and then Document > Paste (<Ctrl+V>)
  • using Document > Move To

To move documents in ProjectWise, your user settings Document > Can create and Document > Can delete must both be on, and you must have permission to delete documents in the source folder, and permission to create documents in the target folder (see Folder Level Document Permissions).

Note: When you move a document using drag and drop, all the document's attributes and audit trail records copy with it.
Tip: Use Document > Move To when you only want to move one document, and/or when you want to control whether or not the new document retains the attributes from the original document.
Note: For details about moving versions, see Moving Versions.