ProjectWise Explorer Help

Working with Attribute Exchange and Title Blocks in AutoCAD

The attribute exchange feature of ProjectWise lets you link attributes in AutoCAD documents with ProjectWise properties, so that the current value of the corresponding ProjectWise property is always displayed where the linked attribute is placed in the document. Typically attribute exchange is used for title blocks in integrated AutoCAD, but you can place linked attributes anywhere in your AutoCAD documents. The link works in both directions, meaning that you can modify the value of a property in ProjectWise and then update its linked attribute in integrated AutoCAD, or you can modify the value of a linked attribute from integrated AutoCAD and then enter a command from AutoCAD that updates the value of the corresponding property in ProjectWise.

To set up attribute exchange for AutoCAD:

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, your administrator sets up Attribute Exchange Rules for AutoCAD. This involves creating an attribute class and adding attributes to it.

  2. On your computer, you need to have ProjectWise Explorer installed with iDesktop Integration support for AutoCAD.

  3. In integrated AutoCAD, you need to create an attribute block that matches a corresponding attribute class in ProjectWise Administrator (which your administrator set up in step 1).