ProjectWise Explorer Help

Using Integrated AutoCAD

The ProjectWise Explorer installer delivers integration for AutoCAD® and many AutoCAD-based vertical applications. See the ProjectWise readme for a complete list of supported Autodesk applications and versions.

ProjectWise integrates with many native AutoCAD commands that create, open, attach, and save files. This means that the standard dialogs for creating, accessing, and saving files in AutoCAD are replaced by ProjectWise dialogs, and will point to ProjectWise instead of the local file system. Once you enter into a session of integrated AutoCAD, your session of AutoCAD remains integrated with ProjectWise until you close the session.

Integration also adds the following items which include related ProjectWise commands:

  • ProjectWise tab (on the ribbon bar)
  • ProjectWise toolbar (on the Toolspace window)
  • ProjectWise menu (on the menu bar - the menu bar is hidden by default)

ProjectWise provides the same basic integration for AutoCAD and all AutoCAD-based vertical applications. For AutoCAD Civil 3D, ProjectWise delivers both basic and advanced integration. For the other supported AutoCAD-based vertical applications, ProjectWise does not provide integration for the additional tools and commands unique to those applications. For the rest of this section, and except where noted, you can assume that wherever AutoCAD is mentioned it also implies your supported AutoCAD-based vertical application.

Note: Some features documented in this section may not be available to you, depending on your version of AutoCAD.