ProjectWise Explorer Help

Defining and Placing an Attribute Block for Attribute Exchange

If you want to create a title block that has attributes linked with ProjectWise properties, you need to create an attribute block in AutoCAD that matches a corresponding attribute class for AutoCAD attribute exchange in ProjectWise Administrator. To create this type of attribute block, you first draw the title block, then create the attributes you want to link with ProjectWise properties, and then finally group them all together into one attribute block. Once created, you can then place the attribute block / title block into the current document, or into other DWG documents stored in ProjectWise.

Tip: For attribute exchange, it is not required that your attribute blocks all be title blocks. For example, if you want to place just one linked attribute in a specific location in a document, you still need to go through the steps to create an attribute block, but you can skip the part of about drawing the title block itself.

Tip: The attributes you create in AutoCAD that match the name of attributes in the corresponding attribute class in ProjectWise Administrator. Note, you do not have to create an attribute in AutoCAD for each attribute defined in the attribute class, but you can.

Tip: The name you give the attribute block must be the same as the name for the corresponding attribute class in ProjectWise Administrator.