ProjectWise Explorer Help

Working with Environments

By default, all documents in a datasource will have the same set of general properties. For example, each document will have a document name, a file name (if it has a file attached), a date created, and so on.

However, your administrator may have deemed it necessary to create additional properties, specific to your organization or project. If so, they would have created (in ProjectWise Administrator) an environment full of these custom properties which are called attributes.

Environments are assigned to folders and projects, and the documents in those folders inherit that environment's attributes. To determine which environment attributes display when you view the properties of a document, your administrator would have also created at least one interface. In this interface, the administrator selects which of the environment's attributes display, and also configures how they will be arranged on the Attributes and More Attributes tabs of the Document Properties dialog. If your administrator has not created any interfaces, then no attributes will appear on either of these tabs.