ProjectWise Explorer Help

Adding and Removing Attribute Sheets

There may be instances when you want to enter multiple values for the same environment attribute on a particular document. You can do this by creating one or more attribute sheets for the selected document.

Attribute sheets also enable you to refer to particular areas of a document separately. For example, many documents contain details of more than one item. A drawing of a house might contain a number of floor plans, a number of elevations and several large scale details of its construction.

You can add as many attribute sheets to a document as you require. Each sheet contains its own attribute data, so that each sheet can be directed towards a particular part of the document. For example, you might add a sheet for each of the floors, elevations and details of a house.

Note: Before you can add an attribute sheet, the document you are adding a sheet to should have an environment row created in the environment table. If this is not the case, the Document > Attributes > Add Sheet option will be disabled for the selected document.
CAUTION: Do not confuse Document > Delete and Document > Attributes > Delete Sheet. If you select a sheet and select Document > Delete instead of Document > Attributes > Delete Sheet, you will delete both the original document and all the sheets attached to it.