ProjectWise Deliverables Management Readme

Enabling ProjectWise Deliverables Management

Multiple organizations can participate in the deliverables exchange process. Each organization can use ProjectWise Deliverables Management with or without ProjectWise Design Integration.

Before any deliverables can be exchanged, all organizations need to perform these basic steps:

Set Up Bentley Accounts and Register Projects

  1. Each organization who plans to participate must have their organization registered with Bentley Cloud Services.
  2. Each user in your organization who plans to participate must have a Bentley profile (also referred to as a Bentley IMS account). Click here ( to register (create) your own profile.
  3. An administrator from each organization needs to register a ProjectWise project for their organization.

Configure the ProjectWise Deliverables Management Portal for Your Organization

  1. Each organization must turn on ProjectWise Deliverables Management in their ProjectWise project.
  2. The ProjectWise Deliverables Management portal administrator (initially, this is the person who turned on ProjectWise Deliverables Management in the ProjectWise project) from each organization needs to add people from their organization, and invite people from other organizations, to be participants of their project.

If your organization does not use ProjectWise Design Integration, your basic configuration is done and you can begin using the ProjectWise Deliverables Management portal.

If your organization does use ProjectWise Design Integration and wants to use it with ProjectWise Deliverables Management, then continue with the next steps.

Integrate ProjectWise Deliverables Management with ProjectWise Design Integration

  1. For each work area in ProjectWise from which you want to be able to send and receive packages, associate the work area with your organization's ProjectWise project.
  2. Have each ProjectWise Explorer user who wants to send and receive packages install the ProjectWise Deliverables Management connector for ProjectWise Explorer.

    Installing the ProjectWise Deliverables Management connector for ProjectWise Explorer adds a Deliverables Management node under every work area in ProjectWise Explorer that is associated to a ProjectWise project that has ProjectWise Deliverables Management turned on. The Deliverables Management node is the location in the work area from which you will send and receive deliverables.

    Note: The Deliverables Management node will not display if you are not signed in with the CONNECTION Client.
Note: Currently there is no path for upgrading or converting a Transmittals Management-enabled work area (Bentley Transmittal Services) to a Deliverables Management-enabled work area. However, you can use Deliverables Management and Transmittals Management in the same work area.