ProjectWise Deliverables Management Readme

Register a ProjectWise Project

The first step in using any of the ProjectWise 365 services in the CONNECT Center is to register (create) a ProjectWise project for your organization. You can register as many projects as you need.

Note: This task assumes that your organization is already registered with Bentley and that you already have a Bentley profile (a Bentley IMS account). To register a project you must have Administrator or Co-administrator privileges associated with your Bentley profile.
  1. Go to the CONNECT Center ( and sign in (enter the credentials of your Bentley IMS account).
  2. Under ProjectWise Projects, click + (Register a new project).
  3. Fill out the Register a Project form as needed. Required fields are marked with an asterisk ("*").
    Project Number * Enter the unique project code or ID number that is officially used in your organization for internal tracking purposes. For example, DMO-063 VP 778.
    Project Name * Enter the common name for the project within your organization. For example, I-565 Interchange at County Line Road.
    Asset * Select the asset that is associated with this project.

    If the list does not contain the asset you want to associate this project to, select +Register An Asset to create a new asset that this project will be associated to.

    If you do not want to associate this project to any specific asset, select Not Applicable.

    Industry * Select the general industry that this project belongs to.
    Type * Select the type of industry that your project is most closely related to.
    Use Location or Use Latitude/Longitude The location where the engineering and design of the project is being conducted.

    Selecting Use Location displays the Engineering Location field, where you can enter the name of the project location. For example, city/state/country.

    Selecting Use Latitude/Longitude displays the Latitude and Longitude fields, where you can enter the specific coordinates of the project location.

    Time Zone Select the time zone where your project is located.
    Data Center Location Select which data center (where the data will be stored) to use for this project. US East is selected by default.
    Note: Not all data centers are supported by all services. If a service you are using does not support your selected data center, the data for that service will be stored by default in the US East location.
    Billing Country * Select the billing country associated with this project.
    Status Set the status of the project:
    • Trial
    • Active (default)
    • Inactive (set this status if the project has yet to start or has ended)
    Allow External Team Members Allows the invitation process to include team members from external organizations.
  4. Click Save.

    The Team Member Management dialog opens, with the message:

    Note that the services available to Project Team Members (including external participants) may require Bentley CONNECTIONS Passports or Visas. If an external participant is from a non-Bentley-user organization and is not yet a Passport holder or does not have the necessary Visa, then you will be responsible for their usage, which will be automatically included into your organization's usage report.

    Are you sure you would like to continue registering this project?

  5. Click Yes in the Team Member Management dialog.

You can now turn on ProjectWise Deliverables Management in this ProjectWise project. Also, in ProjectWise Explorer you can now associate a work area with this ProjectWise project.