ProjectWise Administrator Help

Configuring Managed Workspaces for MicroStation

The WorkSpaces > Managed node in ProjectWise Administrator contains all the MicroStation workspace configuration settings blocks defined in the datasource, divided by level. A configuration settings block is essentially a MicroStation configuration file and its corresponding values. You can create these manually in ProjectWise, or you can import existing workspace data using the Workspace Import Wizard.

For MicroStation workspaces, you can either use managed workspaces and/or workspace profiles. You can use one convention exclusively, or you can configure and use both conventions in the same datasource. If both configuration settings blocks and workspace profiles are applied to the same document, workspace profiles will take precedence.

Note: You can configure managed workspaces using MicroStation V8i or CONNECT Edition workspaces. This section documents how to configure managed workspaces using MicroStation V8i.