ProjectWise Administrator Help

Importing Workspaces for Managed Workspaces (Workspace Import Wizard)

Using the Workspace Import Wizard in ProjectWise Administrator, you can import your entire MicroStation workspace into ProjectWise where it can be fully managed. The process of importing your workspace using the Workspace Import Wizard involves a few key steps:

  1. Import the variables and their values from your workspace's .cfg and .ucf files into ProjectWise, thus creating configuration settings blocks.

  2. Import your workspace files and folders into ProjectWise. Though you can do this using the Workspace Import Wizard in ProjectWise Administrator, you can also do this simply by dragging the content into ProjectWise Explorer.

  3. Import data to ProjectWise, specific to MicroStation users and projects.

  4. Take the new configuration settings blocks and replace the hard-coded local paths with the new ProjectWise paths.

The workflow below involves locating and selecting local MicroStation workspace configuration files, resolving potential naming conflicts, and finally importing them into ProjectWise, where they are converted into configuration settings blocks. The new configuration settings blocks will contain variable information as it appears in the source configuration files. No attempt to replace hard-coded local paths is made during the initial import process; that is for another wizard session in which redirection, or remapping, is involved.