ProjectWise Administrator Help

Creating Individual Configuration Settings Blocks

In ProjectWise you can store MicroStation configuration variables and their corresponding values in configuration settings blocks. These blocks are assigned different configuration priority levels.

When MicroStation is launched, ProjectWise will export the linked configuration settings blocks to $(PW_WORKDIR)\workspace\ID#.cfg. It will then also create a temporary master CFG file $(PW_WORKDIR)\workspace\name.tmp that includes each of the Configuration Settings Blocks linked to the DGN. It will then launch MicroStation using those configurations by including the master CFG file with a –wc[path][name].tmp command line switch to the executable. The temporary CFG file that is created will also have the variable PW_MANAGEDWORKSPACE > #, where the # sign represents the ID number of the configuration settings block from the database.

Tip: On the Configuration tab, you can click the Find button (binoculars) to search for a string in the configuration. Also, clicking on a variable definition selects the entire definition, and double-clicking it opens the dialog to edit that specific variable.