ProjectWise Administrator Help

Managing Storage Areas

During datasource creation, you are prompted to create the main storage area folder for the datasource. A storage area is the physical location on a ProjectWise Design Integration Server or ProjectWise Caching Server computer, where the master copies of documents get stored when they are imported to ProjectWise. After the datasource is created, you can create additional storage areas if necessary. You can create new storage areas on the same server, or you can have different storage areas on different servers. When a user creates a folder or project in ProjectWise, they associate that folder or project with a particular storage area, so that all documents imported to that folder or project will automatically be stored in that folder's or project's designated storage area.

Storage areas are secure when they can only be accessed by ProjectWise. Prevent bypass of ProjectWise access controls by making storage areas secure. Use your operating system's controls to prevent mounting of ProjectWise files or allowing FTP access to ProjectWise files.