ProjectWise Administrator Help

Viewing Storage Area Disk Usage Information

You can view storage area space information when viewing the properties of a storage area. To view this information, open the properties of a storage area and select the Disk Usage tab. This tab shows the amount of space the storage area currently occupies, and how much space is still available.

It is possible to establish a disk space quota which puts a limit on how much of the available disk space may be used by the ProjectWise storage area on this computer. Specifically, the quota is set for the user under which the ProjectWise Caching Server or Integration Server service is running. When configuring this feature of the operating system, make sure the system setting, “Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit” is ON. This will ensure that the correct value is always displayed in the User available space field on the Storage Area Properties > Disk Usage tab. (To turn this setting on, open the Computer Management window and go to Storage > Disk Management. Right-click the volume and select Properties. In the Properties dialog, select the Quota tab, then turn on Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit.)