ProjectWise Administrator Help

Using Bentley IMS with ProjectWise

The Bentley Identity Management Service (or Bentley IMS for short) is the web service ( that manages the Bentley profiles (also referred to as Bentley IMS accounts) that exist for the users in your organization, and also verifies the user's credentials when they sign in to Bentley through the local CONNECTION Client or the CONNECT Center (

Bentley IMS authentication in ProjectWise lets users log in to a datasource using the credentials of their Bentley IMS account.

For Bentley IMS authentication to work, the following must all be true:

  • Bentley IMS authentication must be enabled in the datasource
  • The user logging in must have already signed in on their computer with their Bentley IMS account credentials using the CONNECTION Client
  • The user logging in must have a Bentley IMS account associated to their ProjectWise account.

If needed, the administrator can configure datasource settings so that a new ProjectWise user account is automatically created and associated to the user's Bentley IMS account the first time the user tries to log in to the datasource using Bentley IMS authentication.