ProjectWise Administrator Help

Synchronizing a Datasource with Bentley IMS

Synchronization with Bentley IMS is optional.

You can synchronize the user list of a datasource with Bentley IMS when you want to quickly create new user accounts in ProjectWise that are based on existing Bentley IMS accounts in your organization.

These are the basic steps to synchronize:

  1. Request a special Bentley IMS account to be created, just for your organization, that has the ServiceIdentity role.
  2. Configure the service identity information in the DMSKRNL.CFG file.
  3. Synchronize.

Request a Bentley IMS Account with the Service Identity Role

In order to synchronize with Bentley IMS, you must contact Bentley and request to have a special Bentley IMS account created just for your organization to use with ProjectWise. This account must be associated with your organization, and it must have the Service Identity role. ProjectWise will then use this IMS account to search Bentley IMS for just the IMS accounts that belong to your organization.

The naming convention of the special Bentley IMS account will be:

<product/service>-<account name>

For example:

Enter the Service Identity Information in the DMSKRNL.CFG

Once you obtain the name (email address) and key (password) of this special IMS account from Bentley, enter that information in your ProjectWise server's the DMSKRNL.CFG file.

  1. Open a text editor with elevated privileges and open the DMSKRNL.CFG file.
  2. Find this section near the bottom of the file:
    ;IdentityProvider=<URL of identity provider:>
    ;ImsServiceIdentityKey=<Service Identity password>
    ;ImsServiceIdentityKeyDecrypt=<crypt type (set by server, enter 0 to reencrypt a plaintext service identity password)>
  3. Uncomment these lines (remove the semi-colon) and define each line as needed.

    For example:

  4. Once the service identity section is configured, add the line ImsServiceIdentities=imsSi1 to the datasource-specific settings at the bottom of the DMSKRNL.CFG file:
    Type=Microsoft SQL Server


  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, right-click the Users node of your datasource and select Synchronize Bentley IMS Users.

    A new Bentley IMS-based account is created in the datasource for each Bentley IMS account that belongs to your organization (the organization that is associated to the special Bentley IMS account that was used to synchronize with Bentley IMS).

Important: Synchronization will also automatically disable any existing Bentley IMS-based accounts in the datasource that do not belong to your organization.