ProjectWise Administrator Help

Synchronizing a ProjectWise Group with a Bentley IMS Group

  1. Create a group in ProjectWise Administrator, and give it the same name as your group in Bentley IMS.
  2. While creating the group, on the General tab, turn on the setting, Update user membership from federated identity claims.
  3. Open the datasource settings In ProjectWise Administrator (Datasource Properties > Settings tab) and turn on the setting, Federated Identity > Allow user group membership updates by identity claims.

Now have your Bentley IMS users who belong to the Bentley IMS group with the same name as the new ProjectWise group log in to ProjectWise.

When these users log in with their Bentley IMS accounts using Bentley IMS authentication, they will be automatically added to the new ProjectWise group.

Note: Changing the name of either group will break the synchronization between the two groups. Therefore, if one group gets renamed and you want to maintain synchronization between the two groups, make sure you also rename the other group.