ProStructures Help

Create Parts Lists

After having positioned a model or a detailed workshop drawing, a parts list can be created based on the part data.

The creation of parts lists by ProStructures is divided into two sections, i.e., the actual creation of the list of materials on the basis of the parts, and the processing of the list of materials for a printout.

By separating these two functions, the data of the parts lists is also available to other programs.

For Creating the Parts Lists, a file is written in the dBASE format as a *.dbf file. This database format is compatible with many other applications. You can import, further process and read out the file (in this case, this would finish the work on the parts lists by using ProStructures).

As a matter of fact, ProStructures also provides the most important functions for processing and reading out of the data according to your requirements with the Create Parts List Report tool.

In fact, you need no further programs but you have the possibility of using them. This is the reason for separating the two functions.