PlantSight Help

Accessing PlantSight

Use this procedure to access the PlantSight services, review the PlantSight Portal, select the appropriate project and review the various service interfaces.

Important: You must be a registered user to access PlantSight projects. Contact your administrator for more information.
  1. Log into the CONNECT Portal at using the credentials given to you by the administrator. opens requesting you to sign into your account. You may be redirected to your organizational account login. In either case you will need your credentials.

  2. Provide your credentials, and click Sign In.
    Once your credentials are verified, the PlantSight Portal Home page opens listing favorite facilities, recently accessed facilities, a link to PlantSight help, your PlantSight profile, and if you are an administrator, the Register A Facility button.
  3. Open a Facility by:

    Clicking on one of the Facility tiles.


    Click Register a Facility to add a new Facility.

    The selected Facility's PlantSight Facilities Portal Home page opens.