PlantSight Help

PlantSight Portal Home page

Lists My favorite projects, most Recent accessed projects, a link to PlantSight Help, your PlantSight profile, a link to All projects to which you are a member, and if you are an administrator, the Tag Administration and Register project buttons.

Register a Facility Click to add a new Facility. Opens the Register a Facility service. Follow the service's prompts by selecting from the menus provided.
Tag Administration Click to manage tagging systems. Opens the Tag Administration service where you can access classes, relationships and properties from the Process Functional iModelSchema.
My favorites Lists projects you have designated as "Favorites" on the page.
Recent Lists projects you recently accessed.
All facilities Opens the All Facilities page which displays all facilities you have access to in three tabs.
Help Click ? to access online help.
My Profile Used to view your CONNECT user profile (View Profile) or Sign Out.
"..." Option menu Click the 3 dot to open a menu containing several options:
Edit Facility Details Opens the Edit Facility dialog.
Manage Team Members Opens the Project Team Management service.
Set/Remove as primary Sets the facility as the primary facility. If the facility is set as primary already the option changes to Remove as primary.
Add Cover Picture Opens the Edit a Facility dialog where you can change the facility tile picture.