OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Common Schema Upgrade Considerations

When upgrading your schema there are some common considerations which may require some additional attention.

Plant Area

By default, Plant Area is added to the upgraded WorkSet because it is part of the default associations in CONNECT Edition updates. If the Plant Area is not needed, it can simply be deleted from the Associations tab.

Business Key Not Defined

The Business Key might not be defined for some user added classes:

In order to define business key go to Properties Tab of the Schema Editor and select the class for which the key is not defined.

Choose a property and click the Key icon in the menu, to make it the business key. This simple process will define the Business Key.

Added Class Not Editable

Sometimes a newly added class might not be editable for OpenPlant Modeler. The user might not be able to define the class name because the property is not editable.

In order to make it editable go to Property Display and change the property status to editable of it is read only.