OpenPlant Project Administrator Help


This option displays the default association classes and how the hierarchy is organized. In this tab you are able to add new classes that exist in the schema and associate them as desired.

Associations or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides a hierarchical or a breakdown structure that decomposes the project scope into more discrete and manageable work components. All elements involved, other than physically placable components, must inherit the Plant Breakdown Element (PLANT_BREAKDOWN_ELEMENT) class. All elements not matching the criteria will be marked red and not saved.

Accessed from:

  • Settings Ribbon
Note: New Classes must first be defined in Bentley Class Editor before you can associate them here.

Plant Associations are relationships that are needed to create a pipeline.

OpenPlant Modeler ships default relationship structures such as shown below:

    Piping Component
    Piping Component
Note: You can view this in the Schema Configuration utility image below.

However, you may decide to have a Sub-unit and/or a Sub-service under Unit and System. To do this, you can add these classes to the OpenPlant and OpenPlant 3D schemas via the Bentley Class Editor then add custom relationships in the Schema Configuration utility.

Once the custom relationships are added to the schema, use the Add New Class button to add the class to the Hierarchy tree. The new class will display in the Select Class dialog .

Once the new class is added, you can drag and drop the relationship to the correct location. As soon as you do this, the Schema Configuration utility will prompt you to select the appropriate relationship if multiple relationships exist that support the given objects.

Area Associations By default, the Area has been designated as a graphical entity, which means that OpenPlant applications recognize it as an object such as a cube, box etc when created.

However, please note that Schema Configuration utility will not update the Tag format so you must use Bentley Class Editor to update the EC expression defined in the OpenPlant Supplemental Tagging schema to reflect this change. Otherwise, the calculated property will fail and the tag number will display question marks (??) in the tag string where the area value should be.

Note: The OpenPlant_Supplemental_Tagging.01.08.ecschema.xml file is located in the Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\WorkSets\OpenPlantImperial\Standards\Schemas directory. Refer to the Bentley Class Editor help for detailed information on editing schema files.
Saving the Changes The Save button is not enabled until changes are made. The save option saves all of the changes made and is not specific to an individual tab. If you press Close before saving, a message displays prompting you to save the changes before closing the application.
If you click No here, the application will close and any changes will be lost. Click Yes to save you changes before closing the application. Cancel will abort the Close command and return to the Schema Configuration utility.

Move/Copy Associations

If you were to right-click on an Association (WBS) node and drag it onto another node, a popup menu displays with the options to Copy or Move the children to the selected node.

In the following example, the user dragged the Unit node onto the Ground Area node and select the Copy Children option:

All of the entries under the Unit node were copied to the Ground Area node. The original entries still remain under the Unit node.

If the Move Children option was selected all items will be moved from the Unit node to the Ground Area node:
Note: Notice the Unit node no longer has any entries listed under it.