OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Property Display

This option's main functionality is to let you change the view of component properties displayed in the property pane of the Place Component dialog and Element Information dialog as well as define the position of the properties in the SpecGrid.

Accessed from:

  • Settings Ribbon

The Property Categorization interface is separated into two different sections. The left pane lists the classes and the right pane has the layout of how the properties are to be viewed in the properties section of the Place Component or Element Info dialogs. The main numbered sections represent the categories and with the individual properties listed beneath them.

The Property Categorization interface lets you manipulate the Categories and Properties in the following ways:

  • Modify a component property's order within a category
  • Edit and/or add new categories
  • Move properties to other categories
  • Determine a property's editable state in both the Place Component and Element Info dialogs
  • Determine a property's position in the SpecGrid
Property Sort Order There are two buttons which can determine how the class properties are sorted:
  • Categorized : Sorts the properties by their defined categories.
  • Alphabetically : Sorts the properties alphabetically. The categories are not displayed when sorted this way.
Move Property The directional arrows allow you to move the selected property up or down within its category.
Move Property to other category Select to move the property to a different category.
  • Change a Property's Order in a Category - To change the order in which a property is displayed in a particular category, select the property and click either the Up or Down arrow to move the property.
  • Move a Property to a New Category - To move a property to a different category, select the property and click the button to display the following dialog:
    • Categories - Select new category for the property from the list.
    • Display Name - Actual display name for the category. This is not editable.
    • Priority - Sets a list order in which the category is to be displayed.
    Select a category from the drop down list and click OK to move the property. Once the property is moved, you can use the directional arrows to move the property to its correct order if necessary.
Edit Category Click to add or edit categories.
  • Edit a Category - To edit a category click the Edit Category button to display the following dialog.

    In the dialog, you can edit the Display Name and display Priority of the selected Category. Additional options allow you to Add or Delete categories as well.

    • Categories - Displays a list of predefined categories for the class.
      • Add Category - Displays the Category Name dialog allowing you to create a new category.
        Enter a name and click OK to add to the Categories list.
      • Delete Category - Deletes the selected category.
    • Display Name - The name that is displayed in the Place Component/Element Info dialogs.
    • Priority - Sets a list priority for the category to be displayed.
    • Show Category as expanded - Determines whether the category's properties will display by default.