OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Open an AutoPLANT PDW Spec

Note: Before you can open and edit AutoPLANT PDW specs using the Open option, you must make sure of two things:
  • Make sure you have the accompanying catalogs to build the specs. Otherwise you will need to use the Open Exchange Spec option to open the PDW specs.
  • Make sure to turn on the Enable PDW Settings option in the Preferences dialog.
  1. Click the Open Spec icon from the ribbon.
  2. Select a spec and click Open to load the spec.
    Note: A series of progress dialogs will display as the OpenPlant Specification Generator opens the catalogs, loads the spec sections and applies the spec filters.

    OpenPlant Specification Generator will automatically look into the default Workspace directory for the catalogs to create the specification. If the PDW catalogs are not in that workspace, the following message dialog displays prompting you to browse to the location of the needed catalog:

Since a specification is sometimes made up from a compilation of components from different catalogs, this message may display multiple times while loading the spec.
Once the loading process is complete, the spec sections will be created and loaded into the Specgen Interface.
Note: OpenPlant Specification Generator validates every spec when it is opened or created.