OpenPlant Project Administrator Help


The Open command displays the Open Spec dialog prompting you to navigate to and select a specification to open. By default, the OpenPlant applications ship with a set of OpenPlant Modeler specs and catalogs which are stored in the ...\OpenPlant CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\WorkSets\OpenPlantImperial\Standards\Specs directory.

By default the dialog will open to the location of the Specs directory for the active WorkSet. If you have specs stored in a different location you can navigate to the directory and select one from there.

Select a spec and click Open.

Opening PDW Specs

The OpenPlant Specification Generator is also able to open and edit AutoPLANT PDW specifications. Before opening a PDW spec, you must first turn on the Enable PDW Settings option in the Preferences dialog.

The first time opening a PDW spec using the Open command, OpenPlant Specification Generator will attempt to locate a catalog for the spec. By default, it searches for a catalog with the same name as the spec. If it cannot find the catalog, a message box similar to the following displays:

Click Yes to browse to the location of the catalog used for the spec.

Select the catalog from the list and click Open to load the specification in the OpenPlant Specification Generator interface.