MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Template Properties

The following is a list of properties that can be added to a template. None of the properties are required to be in a template.

Template Properties
General Settings Level .
  Color .
  Line Style .
  (Line) Weight .
  Class .
  Transparency .
  Priority .
  Line Style Attributes Line Style Scale
    Dash Scale
    Gap Scale
    Start Width
    End Width
    Shift Distance — If set to 0.0 it is the same as the "None" setting.
    Shift Fraction — If set to 0.5 it is the same as the "Centered" setting.
Closed Linear Settings Area .
  Fill Type .
  Fill Color .
Text Settings Text Style .
  Text Style Overrides Text Height
    Text Width
    Text Slant
    Text Justification
    Node Justification
    Line Length
    Line Spacing
    Character Spacing
    Use Fractions
    Use Vertical Text
    Underline Text
Cell Settings Cell Name .
  Cell Scale .
  Terminator .
  Terminator Scale .
Point Settings Point Cell The points that you add appear in the Properties pane in the order in which you added them, with the labels Active Points(0), Active Points(1), Active Points(2), etc. You can change a point's point type in the Define Active Point dialog. For a Cell point type, the cell name appears in the Properties pane after you have selected one from the list box. For a Character point type, the character appears in the Properties pane after you have defined one. For a zero-length line element point type, "Element" appears in the Properties pane after you have added the point.
  Point Character See Point Cell.
  Point Element See Point Cell.
Pattern/Hatch Settings Pattern Cell .
  Pattern Scale .
  Area Pattern Spacing .
  Area Pattern Angle .
  Hatch Spacing .
  Hatch Angle .
Multi-line Styles
Dimension Styles
Detailing Symbol Styles
Terrain Model