MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help


The fill attribute applies only to closed elements such as circles, ellipses, and polygons. Closed elements completely enclose the area within their boundaries.

Top: Opaque fill; Bottom: Outline fill

By default, a closed element is displayed in a wireframe view by lines that outline the area occupied by the element. The area of the element inside the outline is transparent.

A closed element is filled when the area within its outline is displayed as a solid area of color. The element's fill color is determined by the Active Fill Color at time of placement. When an element is opaque, it is displayed as a solid shape. In that case, the lines outlining the element are not discernible since the "fill" has the same color.

A gradient may also be assigned as the fill color.

Note: A series of lines or a closed line string can also enclose an area. However, MicroStation PowerDraft treats neither as a shape. Therefore, neither can be assigned an area or fill attribute.