MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Text Styles

Text styles are named sets of text attributes, such as font, width, height, and color, that allow you to place text within a model (and/or a WorkSpace or WorkSet using DGN Libraries) in a consistent and automated manner. Text elements placed with a text style are automatically updated when the style is modified. Element templates also use text styles for additional standardization. Text styles specified in DGN Libraries are copied to the local file when used, and are not automatically updated when the DGN Library version changes (but can be manually synchronized). Text elements can be placed with or without a text style. Elements placed with a text style can contain overrides that prevent style values, even when modified and saved, from affecting the element.

You can apply multiple text styles within a single text node. In the Text Editor window, select the text to which you want to apply different text style and select the desired text style from the Text Style drop-down list.

The Text Style setting for the Place Text , Place Note , and Edit Text tools reflect the Active Text Style. You can also set the Active Text Style by:
  • Double-clicking a style in the Text Styles dialog.
  • Right-clicking a style in the Text Styles dialog and selecting Activate.
  • Selecting a style in the Text Styles dialog, and selecting the Activate icon.
  • Using the TEXTSTYLE ACTIVE <style_name> key-in.

Fonts cannot be embedded in DGN files. To distribute RSC fonts, their appropriate resource (.RSC) file must be included and placed in a directory found by MS_FONTPATH. To distribute TrueType or SHX fonts, the appropriate SHX or TTF font file must be included, and either placed in a directory found by MS_FONTPATH, or in the same directory as the design file.

If a specific font is not found on the system, a font appropriate for the current locale and font type, as specified in the font configuration file, is substituted.

If a text style changes in a Text Style library, text styles placed in DGN files prior to the change are not automatically updated in the DGN files. To update a DGN file’s local text style to reflect the changes in the text style library:
  • Right-click a style in the Text Styles dialog and from the pop-up menu, select Update from Library.
  • Select a style in the Text Styles dialog and click the Update from Library icon on the icon bar.

To remove unused text styles from a DGN file, use the Compress File (File > Tools > Compress File) option.

Tip: The active text attributes can be set with key-ins. Using shortcut key-ins (xx=), in particular, can be faster than opening the settings box and using its controls.