MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Dimension Styles

A dimension style is a saved set of dimensioning settings. The Dimension Styles dialog lets you create and manage dimension styles.

The options are organized under tabs, and a preview area lets you quickly view style modifications. Dimension styles can be stored in either the open DGN file or a DGN library.

You can define dimension styles and apply them to dimension elements during placement. Dimension styles can be created, customized, and saved for easy recall. Changes made to a dimension style propagate to all dimensions previously set with the dimension style in the DGN file.

Dimension styles can be stored in a DGN library and used in a DGN file. Changes made to the dimension style (from a dimension style library) within a DGN file are called overrides if the style is not saved. Dimensions placed with overrides do not change if the style is changed and saved. To remove the override, the Change Dimension tool can be used to match the Dimension Style.

The active dimension style is used by the Dimensioning tools.