MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Dimension Styles Dialog

Used to create and modify dimension styles. Also sets the active dimension style (or, if a style is not active, the active dimension settings). The title bar identifies the active dimension style.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Dimensioning dialog launcher
  • Ribbon: Admin > Home > Styles

When you change a dimension styles setting, the setting is highlighted in blue.

Style > New Creates a new "Untitled" dimension style in the Dimension Style list. This style inherits all of the attributes of the active dimension style.
Style > Activate Makes the selected dimension style the active dimension style.
Style > Save Saves changes to the selected dimension style.
Style > Copy Creates a copy of the selected dimension style in the Dimension Style list.
Style > Rename Lets you enter a new name for the selected dimension style.
Style > Delete Removes the selected dimension styles from the Dimension Styles list.
Style > Reset Resets each selected dimension style to its previously saved version.
Style > Save All Saves changes to multiple selected dimension styles.

To modify multiple styles simultaneously: select the styles, modify the settings, and choose Save All.

Style > Import Opens the Dimension Style Import dialog, which lets you select a DGN file or library to import.
Style > Update from Library Updates the dimension styles in the DGN file to reflect changes in a configured DGN library. (If a dimension style in a DGN library changes, dimension styles placed in DGN files prior to the change are not automatically updated.)
Style > Exit Closes the Dimension Styles dialog.
View > Preview Toggles on and off the display of the preview pane, which displays dimensions using the selected dimension style.
View > Styles Toggles on and off the display of the Dimension Styles list.
Dimension Styles list Style changes and updates operate on the selected styles. To select multiple styles, use the <Ctrl> and <Shift> keys.
Highlighting/symbol Meaning
Style (none) If Style (none) is selected, the current style settings are used when placing a dimension. This is the same method of placing a dimension prior to the V8 generation before dimension style.
tooltip Move the pointer over a dimension style name to see whether it is from a dimension style library or if it is a local style. The tooltip also indicates if the style has been modified, and lists the path for dimension style library files.
bold text Dimension styles displayed with a bold font are local dimension styles.
blue text Dimension styles displayed in blue have been modified from the last saved version.

An unfilled book icon identifies a dimension library style.

A filled book icon identifies a local dimension style.

A book with a check mark icon identifies each local dimension style that matches the dimension library style.

A book with a delta symbol icon identifies each local dimension style that is different from the dimension library style.
Icons Controls how dimension styles are created and managed. See Dimension Styles dialog icons.
Geometry tab The Geometry tab contains controls that affect the appearance of the dimension's geometry.
Units tab The Units tab contains controls that affect the display format for units in dimension text.
Text tab The Text tab contains controls that affect the placement and appearance of dimension text.
Symbology tab The Symbology tab contains controls for dimension lines, extension lines, text, and terminator symbology.
Advanced tab The Advanced tab contains all controls for dimension styles. Many of these controls are also found on other Dimension Styles tabs.
Preview pane Displays how dimensions will look using the active settings in the active dimension style.

Right-click to display a menu that lets you turn on and off the Preview pane, as well as select the type of dimensions to display: Linear, Angular, Radial, or Note.