STAAD.Pro Help

Create Primary Load Case dialog

Used to create new primary load cases.

Opens when the Primary Load Case tool is selected from the Loading Specifications group on the Loading ribbon tab.


Specify a the load case Number the program recommends, or specify one of our own.

Note: If the load case number has been previously used in this input file, a warning message will be displayed.
Loading Type

Used to associate the load case we are creating with any of the ACI, AISC, or IBC definitions of Dead, Live, Ice, etc. This type of association needs to be done in order to make use the program's facility for automatically generating load combinations in accordance with those codes.

The available load types are the following:

死荷重 地盤
活荷重 雨水/氷 氷の上に風
屋根活荷重 ポンディング クレーンフック
ほこり 質量(注記1~3を参照
地震水平(注記4を参照 交通 重力
地震垂直(注記4を参照 温度 プッシュ
偶発 なし
液体 洪水  
Reducible per UBC/IBC

(for Loading Type = Live only) Select this option if the load will be a reducible load per building code.

The UBC 1997, IBC 2000, and IBC 2003 codes permit reduction of floor live loads under certain situations. Please refer to TR.32.4 面荷重、1方向荷重、および床荷重の設定 for details of this feature.

Title Type an optional title which is used to describe the load for identification in modeling and in reports.