STAAD.Pro Help

Piping tab

Table 1. Models group
Tool Name Description

Interop >
Import Opens a Open dialog with the Files of Type filter set to PipeLink files (file extension .pipelink.), which are piping data files created by the PipeLink utility to transfer data between Bentley AutoPIPE (V8i SELECTseries 2 and greater) and STAAD.Pro (V8i SELECTseries 2 and greater).
Export Opens the Export Revised Model dialog, which is used to specify the user name and optional comment associated with the updated data set being sent from STAAD.Pro.

Reloads the current PipeLink database and initiates the Support Connection Wizard. Any changes made to the active model since the last save action will be discarded. Only the current active model is reloaded.

Note: A reload is always performed when a model is re-imported.

Used to remove all imported pipe data and transferred loads from the STAAD.Pro project. A warning message will appear to confirm you wish to proceed with removing the pipe model data.

CAUTION: This action cannot be undone.

Saves the current state of the active pipe model.

Note: Any changes to the currently active model are saved to the local database whenever the pipe mode is left, the model is deactivated due to another model becoming active, an export operation is initiated, or the  Save tool is selected on the Piping ribbon tab.

Pipe Models
Opens the Pipe Model dialog, which is used to select the active pipe model for the Piping workflow. Job and import information for the active model is also displayed here.
Table 2. Connection group
ツール名 説明

Support Connection Wizard
Opens the Support Connection Wizard, which is used to establish logical data links between pipe stress model data imported from a PipeLink file and the current STAAD.Pro model.

Connect Support
Used to specify a connection between a piping model support and the STAAD.Pro structural model. Once this item is selected, the mouse pointer changes to the support connection cursor (), which is used to draw a support association between piping model supports and structural model nodes.

Pipe Supports
Opens the Pipe Supports table, which identifies supported pipe nodes and details each support.
Table 3. Loading group
ツール名 説明

Transfer Loading
Opens the Transfer Pipe Reactions to Structure Model dialog, which is used to specify STAAD.Pro load data for importing pipe support load data.