STAAD.Pro Help

Transfer Pipe Reactions to Structure Model dialog

Used to specify STAAD.Pro load data for importing pipe support load data.

Opens when Piping >  Transfer Loadings is selected.

Load data table

The table contains the following columns:

  • Pipe Loading - Each pipe support is included as a separate row, with the nature of the load and load number described here.
  • Action - Set to Create (for generating a new load) or No Action (which does not result in a new load).

    If the loads are being updated, additional options to Update or Remove existing loads are provided.

  • Class - Specify if the load is a Primary load case or Reference load case type.

    Tip: You can quickly set all new loads (Action = Create) to either Primary or Reference class by right-clicking anywhere along the column heading and selecting the appropriate option from the pop-up menu.
  • STAAD Load - The load case number which will be assigned to the load.
  • Type - You can classify the load type, which is used for automatic load combination generation.
  • STAAD Load Name - A description load name is generated here. You may enter a different title if needed.

Closes the dialog and proceeds with the load data transfer. A message dialog opens to provide you with a summary of the transfer process.

Note: Warnings are displayed in orange and errors are displayed in red.
Cancel Closes the dialog without transferring any load data.