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D1.A.8 Tabulated Results of Steel Design

Results of Code Checking and Member Selection are presented in the output file. The output is clearly marked for the selected specification (ASIC 360), edition used (2010 or 2005), and the design method (LRFD or ASD).

The following details are presented on Code Checking of any member:
  • Result of Code Checking (Pass / Fail) for the member Number.
  • Critical Condition which governed the design and the corresponding Ratio and Location.
  • Loads corresponding to the Critical Condition at the Critical Location.
  • Section Classification
  • Slenderness check report
  • Section Capacities in Axial Tension, Axial Compression, Bending, and Shear in both the directions.

    If Seismic provisions are to be checked, these follow as described in D1.A.9 Seismic Provision Checking per AISC 341

Note: An asterisk following a critical load case number indicates that this load case is a generated load combination. See TR.35 荷重組み合わせの設定 for additional information.