STAAD.Pro Help

A. To specify post-analysis print commands

To include additional analysis results in the STAAD output (.anl) file, use the following procedure.

注記: All output values will be available in the postprocessing workflow, regardless of whether you add them to the output file. Similarly, you can add post-analysis output to a report even if not included in the output file.
  1. Select the Post Analysis Commands tool in the Analysis Data group on the Analysis and Design ribbon tab.

    The Analysis/Print Commands dialog for post-analysis commands opens.
    ヒント: If the dialog does not immediately open, click Define Commands on the Post Analysis Print - Whole Structure dialog.
  2. Select the tab pertaining to the output you want to add to the output file.
  3. Check the After Current option to insert the print command following the currently selected command within the Post Analysis Print - Whole Structure dialog. Otherwise, the print command will be added to the end of the STAAD input file.
  4. Click Add. The command is added to the STAAD Input file.
  5. (オプション) Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add additional print commands as needed.
  6. Click Close.
注記: Some print commands require a assignment. These will be marked with question mark (?) in Post Analysis Print - Whole Structure dialog. Use the Assignment Method tools to assign these to the appropriate model objects.