STAAD.Pro Help

P. Earthquake workflow

This STAAD.Pro workflow is used to check if the structure conforms to the basic geometric recommendations made in Eurocode 8 (EC8). This workflow is in addition to the normal post-processing workflow which gives the various analysis results. These checks are intended to give you a "feel" for the structure and are not mandatory to proceed to the design phase.

Eurocode 8: Part 1 [EN 1998-1-1:2004] contains specific requirements and recommendations for building structures that are to be constructed in seismic regions. Essentially, these fundamental requirements have been provided to ensure that the structures can sustain the seismic loads without collapse and also –where required– avoid suffering unacceptable damage and can continue to function after an exposure to a seismic event.

ヒント: The program feature assumes Y as vertical and that seismic forces act in the global X and Z directions.