STAAD.Pro Help

P. Using the Earthquake Workflow

To perform the geometry checks per Eurocode 8, STAAD.Pro must first calculate the center of mass for each defined floor. Specifying a response spectrum loading accomplishes this.

All the analysis methods for design and evaluation of the performance of a structure mentioned in Eurocode, as listed in the following, are all available in STAAD.Pro:
  • Linear modal response spectrum analysis (i.e., a linear elastic analysis used in conjunction with an EC8 response spectrum load)
  • Nonlinear static analysis (i.e., a pushover analysis)
  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis (i.e., a time-history analysis)
注記: In order to make use of the EC8 response spectrum load, a linear modal response spectrum analysis should be used. This is required to locate the center of mass which is needed to perform the associated geometry checks.

Loads are distributed by element stiffness to all members during analysis. Thus, for the purposes of Eurocode 8, all members are assumed to be "primary seismic" elements.

注記: The EC8 response spectrum load must be specified in the model in order to perform any further checks, design, or detailing per Eurocode 8.