STAAD.Pro Help

M. To manually define and assign hinges

Use the following optional procedure to define parameters and assign hinges manually.

注記: If the pushover analysis will make use of the built-in FEMA hinge properties for all members,
  1. On the  Loading ribbon tab, select the  Pushover tool in the Define Loading Systems group. The Create New Definitions / Load Cases / Load Items dialog opens with only the Pushover tab displayed.
  2. Select the Define Hinge Property tab.
  3. Select the Hinge Type. Types FEMA or Ignore do not require any additional parameters.
  4. (オプション) For user-defined hinge types only:
    1. Select an existing Type ID or select New Type to define a new hinge type.
    2. Specify a unique integer for the Type Identifier.
    3. Specify coordinate values for points C, D, and E in the Load Deformation Curve Points and IO, LS, and CP values in the Acceptance Criteria. These values are can be determined using Tables 5-6 and 5-7 in FEMA 356.
    4. Specify values for Yield Moment (YR) and Yield Rotation (YR). These values are calculated per Section of FEMA 365 (See "Frame element hinge properties" ).
  5. Click Add.
  6. Once any other parameters have been added, click Close. Entries for the hinge types are added in the Loads & Definitions dialog in the Definitions >  Pushover Definitions section.
  7. Select one of the hinge types and click Assign.
    注記: Refer to Graphical Environment help for using the various assignment methods in the Loads & Definitions dialog.