STAAD.Pro Help

Define Hinge Property tab

Used to define the hinge type used in the pushover analysis and create custom hinge definitions.

Add New : Pushover dialog Define Hinge Property tab

Hinge Type

Select either

  • FEMA — instructs the program to use the built-in hinge definitions.
  • Ignore — instructs the program to ignore hinge formation in some members.
  • User Defined — used to define a custom hinge by Load Deformation Curve Points, Yield Moment, Yield Rotation, and Acceptance Criteria.
Type IDs

(User defined type only) Select an existing hinge type ID number of select New Type to define a new hinge type..

Type Identifier

(User defined type only) Specify an unique ID number for the hinge type (hinge property number).

Load Deformation Cure Points

Points on the load deformation curve at points A, B, C, D and E as specified in FEMA. The Xi and Yi coordinates of the load deformation curve represent the Deformation Ratio and Moment Ratio, respectively. The coordinates of A and B are preset at 0,0 and 1,1, respectively, to normalize the ratio curve.

Yield Moment (YM)

Yield moment in current force units.

Yield Rotation (YR)

Yield rotation in radians.


Acceptance criteria limit (deformation ratio) for Immediate Occupancy level.


Acceptance criteria limit (deformation ratio) for Life Safety level.


Acceptance criteria limit for (deformation ratio) Collapse Prevention level.