STAAD.Pro Help

RR 22.03.00-2.2 RCDC Features for STAAD.Pro License Users

Some features of the Advanced Concrete Design workflow using the RCDC application is now available to STAAD.Pro (basic) license users.

The full set of features in RCDC is available to STAAD.Pro Advance license users. For STAAD.Pro (basic), the following features are now available:

  • beam design
  • column design
  • shear wall design

Other features available to STAAD.Pro (basic) license users include generation of the following, limited to on-screen only with no editing:

  • Bill of Quantities summary
  • Bar Bending Schedule generation
  • Drawing generation

Other RCDC features are disabled under a STAAD.Pro (basic) license.

Note: Use caution when opening and saving an RCDC model created under a STAAD.Pro (basic) license. Opening and saving that file in RCDC under a RCDC or STAAD.Pro Advance license will result in that file no longer being able to be opened under a STAAD.Pro (basic) license.

Interactive Concrete Designer

Note: The legacy Concrete Design workflow (included in V8i and earlier as the RC Designer application) has been deprecated in favor of the Advanced Concrete Design workflow using RCDC.

The legacy Concrete Design workflow has been fully deprecated as of CONNECT Edition V22 Update 5, you will no longer be prompted with the option to switch to Concrete Design Workflow and launch RC Designer; even for the legacy projects which used the Concrete Design Workflow. Advanced Concrete Design Workflow only opens RCDC