STAAD.Pro Help

D. Advanced Concrete Design

This workflow launches the STAAD.Pro Advanced Concrete Design (RCDC) program, which is used for the design and detailing of reinforced concrete building structures.

The Advanced Concrete Design workflow provides direct access for STAAD.Pro models to leverage the power of the RCDC application. This is a standalone application, which is operated outside the STAAD.Pro environment, but requires a model and results data from a suitable analysis.

The model should typically be formed from beams and columns (plates are currently not supported). RCDC can be used to design the following objects:

  • Pile Caps
  • Footings
  • Columns and walls (note walls are determined from a STAAD model as very wide columns, see the RCDC documentation for more details)
  • Beams
  • Slabs (zones defined by a loop of beams, not plates, see RCDC documentation for more details)

As projects progress, each design created in RCDC is retained and displayed when RCDC is reentered so that previous designs can be recalled and/or continued. If any analysis is performed on the STAAD.Pro model from when the RCDC document was last edited, this is identified as an old document and should be reviewed again to ensure that the results of the design are still valid.

注記: When using the model in STAAD.Pro Advanced, access to RCDC will be provided using the same STAAD.Pro Advanced license and no other license is required. If using STAAD.Pro (basic), then the Advanced Concrete Design workflow will still allow access to RCDC, but this will allow only a limited feature set without the use of an additional license. This could either be a STAAD.Pro Advanced license or a STAAD Advanced Concrete license. Please check which licenses are available to you before attempting to use this and ensure that you use the correct license.