STAAD.Pro Help

D. To remove connection tag assignments

To remove the connection tag assignments from members, use the following steps.

This procedure will disassociate a connection tag with a member end. If you want to complete remove a connection tag from the STAAD.Pro model, see D. To delete a connection tag.

  1. Select one or more members in the view window.
  2. Either:

    on the Beam Tools ribbon tab, select the Remove tool in the Connection Tags group


    right-click and select Connection Tags >  Remove Connection Tags from the pop-up menu

    The Assign Connection Tags and the Remove Connection Tag dialogs open.
  3. Select either the Start or End (or both) corresponding to the member end from which you want the connection tag removed.
  4. (オプション) If you do not want the beam end releases for this beam end changed, then clear the option Remove Beam End Releases.
    ヒント: By default, this option is set so the member end releases for this end are returned to their defaults (i.e., fully fixed).
  5. Click Remove. A confirmation dialog opens.
  6. Click OK. A confirmation dialog opens in the STAAD.Pro user interface window to confirm you want remove the associated STAAD input command for the member attribute definition.
  7. Click Yes.

    The member number is removed from the Assigned Beams cell of the Connection Tags table.

    注記: If the tag selected was only assigned to a single member end, then the row is removed from the Connection Tags table.