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T.3 Stress Contours

Stress contours are a color-based plot of the variation of stress or moment across the surface of the slab or a selected portion of it.

  1. On the Results ribbon tab, select the Plate Stress tool in the View Results group.

    The Diagrams dialog opens to the Plate Stress Contour tab.
  2. Select the load case number from the Load Case drop-down list.

    Stress values are known exactly only at the plate centroid locations. Everywhere else, they are calculated by linear interpolation between the center point stress values of adjacent plates.

    The Enhanced type contour chooses a larger number of points compared to the Normal type contour in determining the stress variation.

  3. Select the specific type of stress for which you want the contour drawn from the Stress type drop-down list.
  4. Setting the View Stress Index option will display a small table consisting of the numerical range of values from smallest to largest which are represented in the plot.

    Set the following:

    • Load case — 102: CASE 1 + CASE 3
    • Stress Type — Von Mis Top
    • Contour Type — Normal Fill
    • Index based on Center Stress checked
    • View Stress Index checked
    • Re-Index for new view checked
  5. Click Apply.

    The following diagram will be displayed.

    Plate stresses plotted for Load Case 102

  6. (Optional) If some portion of the structure appears truncated, use the Zoom and Pan tools located on the View toolbar to adjust the display.
    Tip: If you mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also use that to zoom in or out (scroll up or down) or to pan the image (click-and-drag the wheel button).
Note: Leave the dialog open to explore the Animation feature explained in the next topic.