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T.3 Post-Processing

If there are no errors in the input, the analysis is successfully completed. The extensive facilities of the Post-processing mode can then be used to:
  • view the results graphically and numerically
  • assess the suitability of the structure from the standpoint of safety, serviceability and efficiency
  • create customized reports and plots

The procedure for entering the post processing mode is explained in tutorial 2.

Node results such as displacements and support reactions are available for all models. The methods explained in the first two tutorials may be used to explore these. For this example, you will examine the support reactions.

If beams are present in the model, beam results will be available too. As no beams are present in this model, this is not covered for this tutorial.

For plates, the results available are stresses, and "unit width" moments. There are several different methods for viewing these results, as explained in the next few sections.