STAAD.Pro Help

G.22 Miscellaneous Facilities

STAAD.Pro offers the following miscellaneous facilities for problem solution.

Perform Rotation 

This command can be used to rotate the structure shape through any desired angle about any global axis. The rotated configuration can be used for further analysis and design. This command may be entered after the Joint Coordinates or between two Joint Coordinate commands or after all Member/Element Incidences are specified.


Joint and member numbers may be redefined in STAAD through the use of the SUBSTITUTE command. After a new set of numbers are assigned, input and output values will be in accordance with the new numbering scheme. This facility allows the user to specify numbering schemes that will result in simple input specification as well as easy interpretation of data.

Calculation of Center of Gravity

STAAD is capable of calculating the center of gravity of the structure. The PRINT CG command may be utilized for this purpose.