STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add a floor load or one-way load

To generate a pressure load over a floor area using either two-way or one-way load distribution, use the following procedure.

  1. Either:

    On the Loading ribbon tab, select the Load Items tool in the Loading Specifications group

    ヒント: This will add the load item to the currently selected load group selected in the program status bar.


    In the Load & Definition dialog, select a primary load case in the Load Cases Details list and then click Add.

    The Add New Load Items dialog opens.
  2. Select the Floor Load tab.
  3. Either:

    select a range option –XRANGE, YRANGE, or ZRANGE– and then type the upper and lower bound distances (i.e., range) to define the members which define this loaded floor


    select the Group option to apply the load to a named group and then select the Member Group name from the list

    ヒント: This can be used to select a Composite Deck to assign a floor load to an entire deck. When decks are formed, this automatically creates a new group with the same name.

  4. Type the Pressure in the current units.
  5. Select the Direction in which the load acts.
  6. (オプション) Select the One Way Distribution option to distribute the load towards the longer supporting members (i.e., along the shorter load path).
  7. (オプション) When applying the load to a Group, you can check the Inclined Floor option to instruct the program that the load is applied to a set of members that form panels inclined to one of the global planes.
  8. (オプション) You can report the panel and load data the program calculates:
    1. Check the Print to output file to have data included in the STAAD Output and then select the data to include there.
    2. Check the Print to external text file to have the data included in an external file and then select the data to include there.
  9. Click Add. The load item is added to the selected load case.